Start Spreading the News

“As dark as it is don’t let your light go out. It’s needed where you live!” These are lyrics to a song we used to sing as children. In 2011, they’re still true. As Jubilee embarks on deeper depths and higher heights, our challenge is to let the world know Jesus saves! Don’t be fooled. Jesus died that we might live and live again! He needs you to spread this good news to a dying world! Jesus shed his blood that we might have an abundant, prosperous life here on earth. The price Jesus paid wasn’t easy but it was worth it! By his sacrifice, Jesus saved the world! Is that not worth mentioning to friends? What else is there to talk about?

In Matthew 9: 36-38, Jesus had compassion as he healed and taught crowds, from city to city. Although Jesus healed all disease and illness, people were like lost sheep. Dazed and confused. Jesus remarked to his disciples, “the harvest is ripe but the laborers are few.” Simple statement, yet profound because believers don’t spread the gospel and win souls. Don’t shy away when those who are hurting come your way! In Jesus, we have everything we need.  If you need boldness, it’s in Jesus! If you need courage, it’s in Jesus! All you have to do is believe. Belief begins with your testimony! When was the last time you told your story? Are you an overcomer? Start the New Year off right! Share your testimony and win souls for the kingdom! Tell the world Jesus saves! Start spreading the news!

suzanne sarto