Satan’s Worst Nightmare

Are you Satan's worst nightmare? Thought provoking, right? Have you ever asked yourself this question? As believers, this is who we should be: Satan's worst nightmare. Satan should tremble knowing you're fighting the good fight, of faith!

In the Bible, Satan tried three times to tempt Jesus with the vain glories of life and the world. Each time Jesus rejected his attempts and received power from God. What about you? Do you remind Satan of his future? 

Satan hates the man who knows who he is, in God. A man after God's own heart, like King David. If you're not facing turmoil, Satan's probably not worried about you. Think about it. God made it clear in the garden that man would forever contend with the devil! 

Check your faith. Are you bruising Satan's head or is he bruising your heel? Become Satan's worst nightmare and overcome! 

suzanne sarto