Put a Word On It

The Bible says that we are “snared by the words of our mouth” and that “death and life are in the power of the tongue. Did you know that your words can create your reality? As believers, God has given us the power to speak life or death to our situations and experience the results of such words. My mother always warned us to be careful of what we said, about other people and life’s situations. As a pastor now, responsible for feeding the believers of Jubilee Community Church, I advise each to be careful of what they speak.

Our words are powerful. They heal and hurt. Our words can turn “no” into “yes”. At the word of a judge, a defendant’s life can be changed forever. At the words of a parent, children dare to dream or have their dreams crushed. All glory to God that he’s given the believer his word. The B-I-B-L-E is the blueprint for success and right-living for every believer on the planet. Take time to discover what God says to believers in Isaiah 55:11. Once you’ve read what God says, begin to use his word on your situations, your ailments, your emotions, even your triumphs. You can’t lose when you use God’s word. If you believe, put a word on it!

suzanne sarto