Prayer Principles

During this time, it’s essential that we read God’s instructions on how to pray and what to pray about. This is not a show but this is serious business. God has instructions but we must enter his presence first. How do we do that? We pray. We read his word and meditate on it, both day and night. God’s commandments are so simple that we make our faith walk more complex than it really it is! Think about it. How complex is God in asking believers to “walk by faith and not by sight? Of course, the world says it’s not that easy. Our flesh also tells us it’s not that easy but by the power of belief, which is faith, it is so! 

Through prayer, I seek God for forgiveness, peace, strength, opportunity, boldness, wisdom and healing. How sweet it is that God hears my pleas and honors according to my faith! God is sovereign and does what he wants to, when he wants to, how he wants! All I have to do is believe and pray. What more do you need? Remember Jesus taught his disciples how to pray and forever changed their lives. How much more will God do in 2011 as Jubilee seeks his will? I’ve got confidence God is going to see us through, no matter what the case may be!

Remember, we walk by faith and not by sight!

suzanne sarto