Change Clothes

Shoes, ties, shirts, belts and so on. I have many items of clothing, that if the truth were told, I really don't need. If you're like me, you could donate your clothes and still have enough to be fashionable.

Jesus said to his disciples, in John 14:12 that after him, greater works they would do. What an awesome charge to these men! The Son of God spoke emphatically into their lives and afterwards, there was to be no wonder about their purpose.

Stay focused! The same word Jesus gave to his disciples, he also gives to us today! It's no mystery what we as believers are to do. Greater works! What else should we do? I want to do greater works that God might be glorified! What about you?

Many people think material things are all that matter but you can gain the whole world, yet lose your soul. If we change our mentalities, we change clothes. Physically and spiritually, we must change so that we can do greater works.

Spiritually, we should put on the whole armor of the word. We can't do greater works, wearing the same clothes. There's no power in old mindsets. Change clothes, change your destiny! Even greater works, shall you do!

Are you up for the challenge?

suzanne sarto