20/20 Vision

I wear glasses and contacts. One morning I awoke without either on my eyes and it was a disaster! I asked my wife to assist me, only for her to tell me that my glasses were "right there!"

My wife didn't know that I was truly out of focus. Though my vision was present, it wasn't clear. I couldn't see what was so close. To me, my glasses may as well have been in the ocean! I couldn't see! 

Stay focused! Vision is the key but when you can't see, it's a hard go. At Jubilee, we've entered a series on staying focused. Of course, natural vision is important but more so is spiritual vision. Because of it, we can thrive in God and this world!

When was the last time you checked with God, about your vision? If you've been out of focus lately, here's a prescription to clear vision! God's word is the best remedy. God's word makes it all clear.

Remember the tune, "I can see clearly now, the rain is gone?" It's going to be a bright, sunny shiny day when we focus on God and his will for our lives. 

Now that's 20/20 vision!  

suzanne sarto