Bishop Gregory L. Drake I

Senior Pastor

Bishop Gregory L. Drake I is a man after God's own heart, ready and willing to serve God's people. His personality demonstrates strong vivacity as he interacts with people of all nationalities. His greatest passion is reaching lost souls by winning them to Christ. Bishop Drake attended Dallas Baptist University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries degree.
Bishop Drake currently serves as a member of the DeSoto Chamber of Commerce; he is also a member of the DeSoto Police and Clergy organization (DPAC). He was consecrated as a Bishop in the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship and also serves as First Assistant to the Emerging Churches. Bishop Drake also serves as an Ambassador in the Baptist General Convention of Texas.
Not only does Bishop Drake have a passion for the growth and development of the people God has sent to The Jubilee Church, but he is also concerned with the growth and development of other churches and their leadership. God has given him a vision of creating seminars and training classes to enhance other ministries to help them move to another dimension in serving God’s people in excellence. He has been very successful at leadership development, church planting, and mentoring others.
Although Bishop Drake has accomplished many goals, his role as husband and father are his greatest strengths. He has been married to Tonyeka L. Craft-Drake for more than 28 years and through this union birthed three beautiful children Jhaida, Jhaila, and Gregory II. His favorite scripture is:
“And we know all things work together for the good of them that love God, to them that are called according to his purpose.”
— ROMANS 8:28